HiCotton Hospitality is a Louisville, Kentucky based full service hospitality and brand management company that brings restaurant ideas to life from start to finish. Since opening its first restaurant in 2012 HiCotton Hospitality has been instrumental in helping to shape the culinary and hospitality landscape of Louisville, KY. 

We believe in promoting genuine hospitality between our coworkers and our guests by encouraging engaging interactions with the hopes of allowing our guests to truly disconnect from the static out of the outside world and reconnect with what is truly important to them.

The team at HiCotton Hospitality has direct experience in site selection, total building rehabilitation, kitchen & restaurant design, staff training, social media marketing, branding, menu costing & design, and restaurant management. Having worked for some of the finest chefs and restauranteurs in the country HiCotton Hospitality brings a big city perspective to every venture while making sure to continue small town hospitality.